26 March 2012

Aurora II

Just put out "Aurora II", the first track off the new album. You can see the direction this thing is headed a little clearer now. Click the link below!

Aurora II

09 March 2012

Enter Me Music Video!

Yup, the music video is here! Special thanks to The Punk Network! The links for the video, the buy link, and The Punk Network are below. Hope you guys enjoy this! This is just a glimpse of What Am I's new direction.

Enter Me Official Music Video

Buy the Single

The Punk Network

07 March 2012

Playercard Re-release!

The song being re-released today is "Playercard". My first musical masterpiece from my old channel. The song successfully exposes why playercards are so damn silly. Remember, it's available as a free download! Hope ya'll like it! Special thanks again to Punk Gaming! Here's the links!


Free Download

06 March 2012

The Battlefield Love Song Re-release!

As you may or may not know, I recorded a song a little while back called "The Battlefield Love Song". It was a hit, many people liked it. The song is an homage to my favorite video game series of all time. I put it to video and uploaded it to Youtube. It had a some views, but it was taken down when I abandoned my channel. Now, thanks to A Punk Gaming, I am able to re-release it. In addition to the video being back up, you can also download the file for free! Click the links below to see/hear more. Enjoy!

The Battlefield Love Song

Free Download!

05 March 2012

New Merch!

What's up dudes! I've made some more merchandise using the new logo! You should go buy a shirt or something...

Click Here To Shop!