25 October 2012


So we've been hard at work doing band stuff for the past couple of weeks and I can safely say that I am exhausted out of my mind. We released the first single from "Great" to the End, You Say I'm Bad, for free on this blog as well as Itunes. I'm humbled by the warm reception it's been receiving so far, and it's the perfect indication of what's to come from Great. I've been hard at work writing the release and working on test recordings for a while now. It's been and is going to be a grueling process for me. I'm extremely proud of what we've been producing so far as a band and I'm excited for the new direction we're taking. Plenty of fans got a taste of the new music from our first live appearance at the Teen Center last week. It was a fantastic set, and I'm once again humbled by all the buzz after. We'll be playing a show come November 10th (@ the IPR release party) as well as a huge one in December. More info on that will be made available soon. As for other things, I'm also going to take this moment to announce our new single: "EVERGREEN HEARTS". Look for it to come out sometime this holiday season. As for the album release, look for that early next year. Peace out world.


21 October 2012

First Live Performance!

We played our first live set last Friday! The set consisted of You Say I'm Bad, Rebound, and a cover of Little Black Submarines! Check it out below, filmed halfway through...

12 October 2012

You Say I'm Bad!

The first song from "Great" to the End is out now: "You Say I'm Bad"! Check it out below as well as the link to the free download!

FREE download: http://www.mediafire.com/mwmusic

05 October 2012

"You Say I'm Bad" Announcement!

Announcement! The first MW single off of "Great" to the End is coming out this Friday, October 12th! This is the first track featuring the talents of all the band members. Mark your calendars!