19 January 2013

Here We Go!

Hey guys! Thought we should give you some updates on what's going on with "Great" to the End among other things!

-We're Recording!
We've been working non-stop these past couple of weeks laying down new tracks. Every single recording done sounds great, and we really nailed down our style for this one. We're not sure when it'll be done, but expect Great to release sometime this Spring.

-The Singles!
"Evergreen Hearts" was just released last Tuesday! It was the second out of the three we're planning on releasing before Great comes out, the first being "You Say I'm Bad". The third single will come out sometime in February... and drum roll... it's going to be "Drop the Key"!

The "Evergreen Hearts" single!

-The Shows!
To make sure we don't get rusty, we're still working hard to perfect our routine and we're going to be playing various little shows when we get the opportunity. Our next show is coming up on the 1st of February. We'll also be having an album release show when Great finally hits. More details on that later.

A fine example of the MW experience: "Rewind" live!

-The Documentary!
Yeah, you read that right. We are indeed making a self-made documentary right now. A lot of people don't know what we do; all the hard work we put into Mistletoes and Warheads. This documentary is going to change that. It's going to shed light on the whole progress and give our fans a glimpse of what we're actually like in real life. The documentary is going to cover the whole recording process of Great, up to the release. It'll be a mash-up of interviews, handy cam footage, performances, and slap silly humbug antics; it'll be all wrapped together with background tracks from Great. The documentary's name is "Great to No End" and will release sometime after the album.

-The Future!
So what all happens after Great? Well, to be honest we don't know! I can tell you we will not be taking time off. We already have a bunch of creativity brewing as a band, as well as many ideas for new songs and directions. Blasting Satisfaction! X]

15 January 2013

Evergreen Hearts Single!

Evergreen Hearts has been released! Check it out below! Download in the description!

10 January 2013

Evergreen Hearts Single Release!

Evergreen Hearts will come out this Tuesday, January 15th! It will be available for a free download for the first week :)