25 June 2012

What Am I: Status Update

Hey guys! How have you been? I've been doing fine! If you haven't noticed, I've taken a break from being MW for a while. Just like after I released Enter Me, the release of Asshole Anthem took a lot of energy out of me. A lot of people don't really realize how much effort goes into making these songs, let alone promoting them with those music videos. It's a lot of work, and I hate to admit it but sometimes I can't handle it. So, I took a break. Well, now I'm back (again)! Coming back from my absence, there are some things I have to address. This blog post will do just that and maybe more.

-What is the status of What Am I?
-What Am I is still on schedule for a 2012 summer release. That being said, it has become a very tight schedule. I have outlined a schedule of what I have to do right now to get that summer release. I fully plan on following through on it, but some sacrifices have to be made. The song list will get cut down. I know fewer tracks sucks, but I just don't have the time. It also opens up more possibilities in the future for me to explore as I will be able to use left over material for a release down the road. Coming back around, it will be out this summer and it will be awesome.

-How about a release date?!
-I do have a planned release date! It will be revealed along with a new separate song in July. Keep in mind it will be pretty late in the summer due to the release process.

-What about that new music video!?
-Yes, I know it was supposed to come out this month! It has been delayed, but for a good reason. I don't want it to be overlooked and I also want it to really push the album. I have big plans for the last video. It will come out within a week of the album's release.

-What's after What Am I?
-I really can't answer this at this point. I can say that this won't be my last outing. I will be back. How long will the next release be from What Am I? I can not say. I need to focus on other projects after What Am I, but I will always be MW. I will always be writing and making music. It's just a part of what I am! :)