08 December 2012

"Great" to the End Track List Revealed

Great to the End will feature 21 tracks split across 3 acts. The official track list for Great to the End is as Follows:

-Act I-

-Act II-

-Act III-

Boulder Show 2012

Forgot to mention... this is happening:


17 November 2012

Evergreen Hearts!

The new cover to our next single: "Evergreen Hearts". It's coming out later this year!

09 November 2012

Why "Great" to the End is Special

It's been a little over two months since the release of What Am I. Since then, a lot of things have changed. Mistletoes and Warheads is now a 3 member band, we're playing live shows, and we've announced a new album in the making. This album is "Great" to the End. After the initial slow release of What Am I, the fan base has grown, the buzz has started, and a higher level of expectation needs to be met. I can assure you that those expectations will be exceeded. We are doing everything in our power to make an absolutely earth shattering release. "Great" to the End will be a defining moment for Mistletoes and Warheads. This isn't the logical next step, it's an evolution. Here's why:

-Focused, yet Experimental
The reason why What Am I was met with such warm reception is puzzling. On paper, it shouldn't have worked. An album sprawling over so many genres is a tricky thing. It was What Am I's bane and also one of it's greatest strengths. How do you gain listeners from one particular genre when you're spread thin over so many? What Am I had something for everyone, but not enough for the one. We're fixing that with Great. Don't worry, this is still experimental music at it's finest. This time however, we're firmly rooted with Garage, Punk and Pop-Rock. No two songs sound the same; every single one of them are carefully written and composed by us. Scott-esque lyrics are splattered all over these songs, flanked by Love's ingenuity and Justin's hard hitting beats. These songs stand out, and put together, they form one hell of a release. Did I mention there are around 20 of them?

-A Story
This album has a story. It's comfortable for the songs; fitting them into an overall theme. This isn't a gimmick, it's a well thought out string that ties together the social commentary and gives the album an extra dimension for the careful listener. This is an abstract, modern day revolution story following one man's fall from graces and struggle to save what he holds most dear to him. Early on, stricken with tragedy, this once cocky and carefree leader finds himself in a maddening battle between his desire to remain in the past and his duty to build a future for his nation as well as himself. Distracted from his duties by his downward spiral of depression and a new romance (A twisted love story in it's own right), he neglects his people's needs and fails to soothe the problems of his ailing nation. Now, faced with the blood-lust of the people, he must make a choice: Will he recover what he's lost, or is it time for the people to take their power back?

-The Personal Connection
Every Mistletoes and Warheads song has some sort of connection to my personal life. This album focuses on a variety of things ranging from my distaste of narrow thinking to my parasitic desire to better myself at every possible turn. I'm acidic; I don't attempt to hide anything. I've been betrayed, I've had my fights. I've had my falls, and I've had my comebacks. Prepare to listen to songs about my need for musical variation, the loss of interest in things that used to make me happy, and most importantly: women. God, I love women.

-The Political Connection
We live in exciting times. For better or worse, we live in exciting times. We live in an era of modern warfare, financial instability, a struggle to be a green planet, and terrifying exponential technological progression. We've had major events happen recently, from hurricane Sandy wrecking havoc, to the recent 2012 presidential election. Expect all these and more to come up in Great. Great isn't a politically biased album. I'm not trying to be a cynical mess here, this isn't a barrage of complaints. It's an overall message. This is a battle cry to America. It's time we meet today with a firm handshake, and send a polite wave to tomorrow, letting it know that it's next in line.

I hope you're as excited as I am for "Great" to the End. It's been and will continue to be a long road ahead. Just know that it'll be great all the way through ;)


First What Am I Review!

Forgot to post this, happened last week! X]

"Nelson Scott is an acidic lyricist, as good as indie alternative punk can get, and his raw on/over-the-edge singing style, fits the genre perfectly. This kind of music brings risk right back into the rock and roll equation, and should inspire countless of other kids to pick up some instruments, play their own music and shout their messages to the world."

Full Review at Jamsphere

25 October 2012


So we've been hard at work doing band stuff for the past couple of weeks and I can safely say that I am exhausted out of my mind. We released the first single from "Great" to the End, You Say I'm Bad, for free on this blog as well as Itunes. I'm humbled by the warm reception it's been receiving so far, and it's the perfect indication of what's to come from Great. I've been hard at work writing the release and working on test recordings for a while now. It's been and is going to be a grueling process for me. I'm extremely proud of what we've been producing so far as a band and I'm excited for the new direction we're taking. Plenty of fans got a taste of the new music from our first live appearance at the Teen Center last week. It was a fantastic set, and I'm once again humbled by all the buzz after. We'll be playing a show come November 10th (@ the IPR release party) as well as a huge one in December. More info on that will be made available soon. As for other things, I'm also going to take this moment to announce our new single: "EVERGREEN HEARTS". Look for it to come out sometime this holiday season. As for the album release, look for that early next year. Peace out world.


21 October 2012

First Live Performance!

We played our first live set last Friday! The set consisted of You Say I'm Bad, Rebound, and a cover of Little Black Submarines! Check it out below, filmed halfway through...

12 October 2012

You Say I'm Bad!

The first song from "Great" to the End is out now: "You Say I'm Bad"! Check it out below as well as the link to the free download!

FREE download: http://www.mediafire.com/mwmusic

05 October 2012

"You Say I'm Bad" Announcement!

Announcement! The first MW single off of "Great" to the End is coming out this Friday, October 12th! This is the first track featuring the talents of all the band members. Mark your calendars!

29 September 2012

"Great" to the End Announcement!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce MW's new album: "Great" to the End! Holy shit. I know, isn't it awesome! Great to the End is a whole new type of album. Instead of the genre jumping experimental What Am I heart pound, Great to the End is a more focused album type. The wide variety is still there, but instead the focus is now planted on a strong Garage Rock/Punk feel. The meaningful lyrics, edge, and personal songs are still here. It's an emotional roller-coaster in the same vein as What Am I, but with a big change: it's an album with a story. Think of it like a soundtrack to a movie, with the songs telling a story about the characters. Be assured, there are plenty of MW style politically charged tracks as well as tracks focused on society issues. "Great" to the End is longer, higher in quality, and ushers in a huge change. Mistletoes and Warheads is no longer a one man show! Mistletoes and Warheads is now a band! Entering the Fray we have the amazing Andrew Love on guitar/vocals, and the excellent Justin Au-Yeung on drums. In addition to the new album, MW will be playing live shows now! Stay tuned for dates starting during winter! That's pretty much all! "Great" to the End is scheduled for a release eventually. Until then, keep it locked to the MW blog for more info coming soon.

12 September 2012

What Am I? - Post Release

What Am I, where to begin! First off I need to say, this is my proudest work yet. I am perfectly satisfied with how the album has turned out, and it's been close to two weeks. That said, this release has been one of the most negative experiences of my life. Surrounding a bunch of personal problems and other MW related pressures, What Am I's release was catastrophic. Not only was the album not up on stores, it's still not up at the time of this post (Don't worry, I will update when it is). In addition to the troubles with the distribution side of things, nobody gave a shit about the album. It sounds harsh, but seriously, nobody cared. Nobody listened, and I barely got any feedback. That stings. I've said it once and i'll say it again, I make music for me. Not anybody else but me. However, when I spend my cold cash and a lot of my time to get it out there, I'd like people to at least acknowledge that it exists. It really bites and makes me question if I ever want to do another release after this. That's still up in the air as of this post. I am going to continue with a couple more songs for a little while, but who knows, after that I just might decide to hang up the mic. Sometimes you just have to move on. As for the singles, things are still shaky on that side. I do have confirmed titles (There has been talk on Facebook of release dates but nothing is confirmed)! The songs are titled: YOU SAY I'M BAD, REWIND, and BY FIRE. They will be out eventually, how soon I cannot say. That's all I really have to say about that. Peace.

*UPDATE: All singles are unofficial for now

01 September 2012

What Am I!

So What Am I is out now! :) That's cool? You can buy it on Itunes and in my own store! Oh, and check out the Youtube channel where all the tracks are being uploaded for your hungry ears! Peace!

29 August 2012

What Am I? Album Overview

Here we go! My official and complete overview of What Am I! Let's get started...

     What Am I was supposed to be an album all about me. It was an edgy personal journey that exposed myself and didn't leave room for any bullshit. Halfway through, I realized that I felt rather selfish writing it! So, I re-positioned the lens and (thankfully) still kept it in focus! It wasn't just about me anymore. What Am I is about the people in our world; people like me and people not like me. It's about my views and feelings in a changing world. It's serious, funny, and hopeful all at the same time. I cover subjects ranging all the way from appearance pressures to bullying; problems in our society as well as problems within myself. WAI is a personal journey. Every song gets closer and closer to me as a person. You can notice in the songs that the style and tone changes as you progress through the album. It starts out with a release of all this penned up energy I have with "Make You Giggle". It's lighthearted and humorous as the tone blends into "Enter Me". "Broken" is our first sign of what's to come, showing my hidden feelings of being worn and tired out right now (even as I still mask it with an upbeat song). Now I'm not going to go over every song (that comes later) but we quickly move into more somber songs before sending off the album in the best way possible. I'm really proud of this ultimate mash up of my personality, musical styles, and tones. What Am I was cut down to be more focused and refined and features samples of pop, jazz/blues, and alternative music. I hope you guys enjoy it. It's my proudest work yet and it's very dear to my heart. It's more than music, it's a part of me.

16 August 2012

Bad News :(

So if you didn't already know, What Am I (my new album) comes out on the 31st! That's in like, two weeks! I would get pumped for that! Nearing release, I will be uploading videos of every song so you can sample them before you buy! 3 a day (except for the last day where there will be 4)! Also nearing the release, there will be a special blog post detailing the themes and meaning of the album. This is my proudest work yet, and I want people to see it the way I saw it when I wrote it. Now for some bad news! The Ocean On Tap has been removed from retailers! I just couldn't keep up with the cost and honestly, compared to What Am I, The Ocean On Tap fails in every category. The songs are still pretty dear to me and I realize it was my first effort, but now it just feels lackluster compared to What Am I. The album will still be available through my store, not anywhere else. Now for some worse news! The third and final music video in the Punk Project has been cancelled/put on near permanent hold. I honestly need to take a break from making these videos. That's not to say it's totally out of the question, I'm still considering. Right now I'm just way too busy. Yeah, that's a lot of bad news! But don't worry, What Am I is coming and it will knock your socks off.


08 July 2012

What Am I Release Date!

What Am I will come out August 31st, 2012. Oh, and here's a trailer! That is all! :)

What Am I Trailer

25 June 2012

What Am I: Status Update

Hey guys! How have you been? I've been doing fine! If you haven't noticed, I've taken a break from being MW for a while. Just like after I released Enter Me, the release of Asshole Anthem took a lot of energy out of me. A lot of people don't really realize how much effort goes into making these songs, let alone promoting them with those music videos. It's a lot of work, and I hate to admit it but sometimes I can't handle it. So, I took a break. Well, now I'm back (again)! Coming back from my absence, there are some things I have to address. This blog post will do just that and maybe more.

-What is the status of What Am I?
-What Am I is still on schedule for a 2012 summer release. That being said, it has become a very tight schedule. I have outlined a schedule of what I have to do right now to get that summer release. I fully plan on following through on it, but some sacrifices have to be made. The song list will get cut down. I know fewer tracks sucks, but I just don't have the time. It also opens up more possibilities in the future for me to explore as I will be able to use left over material for a release down the road. Coming back around, it will be out this summer and it will be awesome.

-How about a release date?!
-I do have a planned release date! It will be revealed along with a new separate song in July. Keep in mind it will be pretty late in the summer due to the release process.

-What about that new music video!?
-Yes, I know it was supposed to come out this month! It has been delayed, but for a good reason. I don't want it to be overlooked and I also want it to really push the album. I have big plans for the last video. It will come out within a week of the album's release.

-What's after What Am I?
-I really can't answer this at this point. I can say that this won't be my last outing. I will be back. How long will the next release be from What Am I? I can not say. I need to focus on other projects after What Am I, but I will always be MW. I will always be writing and making music. It's just a part of what I am! :)

25 May 2012

Asshole Anthem Music Video!

The new music video for the Asshole Anthem is here! Special thanks to The Punk Network as usual for help filming. What Am I comes out this Summer, get ready! Look below for the link to the video:

Asshole Anthem Music Video

Visit the store if you want the song early before the album comes out!

09 May 2012

The Asshole Anthem Music Video - BTS

Releasing the behind the scenes for The Asshole Anthem music video now! Get it while it's hot!

Asshole Anthem BTS

18 April 2012

I'm Back!

After a small hiatus, I finally returned to the cave today to lay down a new track. It felt so damn good guys. After teasing Aurora II, I took a small break to catch my breath. I've been crazy busy lately; swamped with work. I laid down on the couch yesterday for a quick breather and ended up taking a two hour nap. Yeah, it's gotten that bad. So I took a break from MW to clear my mind a little bit and get back that drive to make those great tracks you guys slobber all over. I have all the time in the world to push this album out so I'm making sure it's crafted to perfection. So this new song that I started today will be released as the next single. It's the next single in the "Punk Network Project". So what's the Punk Network Project? Well, after the acclaim I got for Enter Me, I've decided to make two more music videos with The Punk Network leading up to the new album's release. The first, being Enter Me, was just so damn good. The second one will release sometime next month, and as usual will be available for purchase. The third will release sometime in June. I can't wait for the reception to this next song. It will make you cry, I guarantee it ;)

26 March 2012

Aurora II

Just put out "Aurora II", the first track off the new album. You can see the direction this thing is headed a little clearer now. Click the link below!

Aurora II

09 March 2012

Enter Me Music Video!

Yup, the music video is here! Special thanks to The Punk Network! The links for the video, the buy link, and The Punk Network are below. Hope you guys enjoy this! This is just a glimpse of What Am I's new direction.

Enter Me Official Music Video

Buy the Single

The Punk Network

07 March 2012

Playercard Re-release!

The song being re-released today is "Playercard". My first musical masterpiece from my old channel. The song successfully exposes why playercards are so damn silly. Remember, it's available as a free download! Hope ya'll like it! Special thanks again to Punk Gaming! Here's the links!


Free Download

06 March 2012

The Battlefield Love Song Re-release!

As you may or may not know, I recorded a song a little while back called "The Battlefield Love Song". It was a hit, many people liked it. The song is an homage to my favorite video game series of all time. I put it to video and uploaded it to Youtube. It had a some views, but it was taken down when I abandoned my channel. Now, thanks to A Punk Gaming, I am able to re-release it. In addition to the video being back up, you can also download the file for free! Click the links below to see/hear more. Enjoy!

The Battlefield Love Song

Free Download!

05 March 2012

New Merch!

What's up dudes! I've made some more merchandise using the new logo! You should go buy a shirt or something...

Click Here To Shop!

27 February 2012


Yes, I have something to say. First off, I've been working non-stop recently on my new album. The way it's turning out is making me extremely happy. The sound is constantly evolving and when it's done, it's going to be beautiful. Recently, I've become part of a group called The Punk Network. The Punk Network is an entertainment hub formed by my friends that encompasses all of our side projects. I've made some intro music for them and they've also helped me with the filming of my latest video. Because of this partnership, it's now possible for me to revive some of my old songs (Namely "Playercard" and "The Battlefield Love Song"). Both these songs will be re-released on the official Punk Gaming channel and they will also be available for free download. In addition to this, I'm also going to be releasing my new single "Enter Me" along with the music video really soon. I'm talking about a few weeks here. It's going to be one wild ride. Buckle up.

05 February 2012

New Cover

Yeah, so I decided to change the cover of What Am I. It's a little picture I took a while back. People seem to really like it. It makes me look... cooler?

31 January 2012

What Am I: A Sneak Peak

I look in the mirror and what do I see,
My worst enemy staring back at me, 
Ahhhhhhhh what am I,
Ahhhhhhhh what am I...

These are the opening lines to "What Am I", a track on my new album that shares the same name. What Am I is the biggest, most experimental album I have ever worked on. As of this posting, I am actively writing and recording it. It's a constantly evolving project. The amount of genres I'm covering still surprises me. I'm not going to give anything away, but the next single I drop will give you an idea of the range of this thing. I simply can't stop writing songs for it either. I keep thinking of great lines I simply can't waste. It's a shame just thinking that not all of these songs will be able to fit. The songs are all vastly different from each other, but they all share one thing, they're all about me. This album is extremely personal. These songs are my stories. This is my life. I know how experimental this thing is going to be, and I can see where people might get worried. What started as a simple EP has evolved into a ridiculously ambitious project. I can't wait to see how it turns out. Until next time!


30 January 2012

Make A Music Video Part I

So, I made another video! This one is a little tutorial on how to make a music video. The first part is about actually making the song/music. The second part will cover how to make the video. I've been super busy lately so forgive me if it's a while until part 2 comes out. I've been recording some tracks and working on a top secret project! So here's the link:

Make A Music Video Part I


27 January 2012

The Hymn of Today: Music Video!

So I made a music video for "The Hymn of Today". Nothing special, just me playing instruments in a variety of colors. Actually, I did work pretty hard on this. The new equipment I have should make it easier to produce more videos faster, so you can bet on a greater YouTube presence in the coming months. Here's the link:

The Hymn of Today Music Video


21 January 2012

Albums Out!

Hey, guess what! The albums out! You can go get it now on I-tunes, amazon, and a ton of other digital distributors. It came out on the 13th of this month but a death in the family took me away from the computer for a while. Anyway, enjoy! Music video coming soon!