09 August 2014

The End

The picture above is Justin's basement right before we packed up our equipment for the last time a few months ago. I remember so vividly loading everything up in the truck with Justin and then heading over to Andrew's to drop off his stuff. I leaned up against my truck and chatted with Andrew for a good ten minutes in his driveway. It was a bittersweet night for me; officially ending Mistletoes and Warheads.

It's not easy ending something you've come so far with. Since Mistletoes and Warheads started in fall of 2012, Andrew and Justin have become two of my best friends. They are both exceptional people, and I will always cherish the memories we made together. I will always remember the furious jam sessions, the basement shows, occasional screamo songs, the hopeless attempts to pick up girls, blasting the song "Satisfaction", our pizza shop hangout that closed down, 27, making fun of all the other stuck-up bands (to me, IPR is the only local band worth a damn :) ), stealing the tip jar from that one coffee place, the promposal, our equipment nearly flying out onto the expressway, and speeding around at midnight with no fuel in my car searching for a gas station as Andrew sticks his head out of the window trying not to throw up. It was legen... wait for it... DARY.

I've always said I wanted to continue Mistletoes and Warheads no matter what, even if I had to turn it into a solo project. Mistletoes and Warheads was a band and now I've decided it should end as a band. Without Justin and Andrew it's just not the same. I don't ever want to continue it unless I have my friends with me.

Who knows what all of us will end up doing musically in the future. I feel like either I'm done or I'm taking a lot of time off. If I do start playing again, I'll be hitting the reset button.

And so... the final words:
Thank you all for clapping along, listening, and for supporting us. Thank you all for giving us the privilege of playing for you. Mistletoes and Warheads will live on through our memories and the cracks of the internet. I think we ended on a good note :)

Our first performance:

Oh, and btw... if anyone wants our music for free... email me at mandwband[at]gmail.com

For the last time,