29 August 2012

What Am I? Album Overview

Here we go! My official and complete overview of What Am I! Let's get started...

     What Am I was supposed to be an album all about me. It was an edgy personal journey that exposed myself and didn't leave room for any bullshit. Halfway through, I realized that I felt rather selfish writing it! So, I re-positioned the lens and (thankfully) still kept it in focus! It wasn't just about me anymore. What Am I is about the people in our world; people like me and people not like me. It's about my views and feelings in a changing world. It's serious, funny, and hopeful all at the same time. I cover subjects ranging all the way from appearance pressures to bullying; problems in our society as well as problems within myself. WAI is a personal journey. Every song gets closer and closer to me as a person. You can notice in the songs that the style and tone changes as you progress through the album. It starts out with a release of all this penned up energy I have with "Make You Giggle". It's lighthearted and humorous as the tone blends into "Enter Me". "Broken" is our first sign of what's to come, showing my hidden feelings of being worn and tired out right now (even as I still mask it with an upbeat song). Now I'm not going to go over every song (that comes later) but we quickly move into more somber songs before sending off the album in the best way possible. I'm really proud of this ultimate mash up of my personality, musical styles, and tones. What Am I was cut down to be more focused and refined and features samples of pop, jazz/blues, and alternative music. I hope you guys enjoy it. It's my proudest work yet and it's very dear to my heart. It's more than music, it's a part of me.