29 September 2012

"Great" to the End Announcement!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce MW's new album: "Great" to the End! Holy shit. I know, isn't it awesome! Great to the End is a whole new type of album. Instead of the genre jumping experimental What Am I heart pound, Great to the End is a more focused album type. The wide variety is still there, but instead the focus is now planted on a strong Garage Rock/Punk feel. The meaningful lyrics, edge, and personal songs are still here. It's an emotional roller-coaster in the same vein as What Am I, but with a big change: it's an album with a story. Think of it like a soundtrack to a movie, with the songs telling a story about the characters. Be assured, there are plenty of MW style politically charged tracks as well as tracks focused on society issues. "Great" to the End is longer, higher in quality, and ushers in a huge change. Mistletoes and Warheads is no longer a one man show! Mistletoes and Warheads is now a band! Entering the Fray we have the amazing Andrew Love on guitar/vocals, and the excellent Justin Au-Yeung on drums. In addition to the new album, MW will be playing live shows now! Stay tuned for dates starting during winter! That's pretty much all! "Great" to the End is scheduled for a release eventually. Until then, keep it locked to the MW blog for more info coming soon.