12 September 2012

What Am I? - Post Release

What Am I, where to begin! First off I need to say, this is my proudest work yet. I am perfectly satisfied with how the album has turned out, and it's been close to two weeks. That said, this release has been one of the most negative experiences of my life. Surrounding a bunch of personal problems and other MW related pressures, What Am I's release was catastrophic. Not only was the album not up on stores, it's still not up at the time of this post (Don't worry, I will update when it is). In addition to the troubles with the distribution side of things, nobody gave a shit about the album. It sounds harsh, but seriously, nobody cared. Nobody listened, and I barely got any feedback. That stings. I've said it once and i'll say it again, I make music for me. Not anybody else but me. However, when I spend my cold cash and a lot of my time to get it out there, I'd like people to at least acknowledge that it exists. It really bites and makes me question if I ever want to do another release after this. That's still up in the air as of this post. I am going to continue with a couple more songs for a little while, but who knows, after that I just might decide to hang up the mic. Sometimes you just have to move on. As for the singles, things are still shaky on that side. I do have confirmed titles (There has been talk on Facebook of release dates but nothing is confirmed)! The songs are titled: YOU SAY I'M BAD, REWIND, and BY FIRE. They will be out eventually, how soon I cannot say. That's all I really have to say about that. Peace.

*UPDATE: All singles are unofficial for now