08 May 2013

"Great" to the End Official Synopsis

So we've officially wrapped on "Great" to the End! Here's the official synopsis:

“Great” to the End is a modern day revolution story following one leader’s fall and struggle to save what he holds most dear to him. Early on, stricken with tragedy, this carefree leader finds himself in a maddening battle between his desire to remain in the past and his duty to build a future for his nation. Distracted from his duties by a downward spiral of depression and romance, he neglects his people's needs and fails to soothe the problems of a dying nation. When his decisions come back to haunt him, will he run or finally learn to let go? Mistletoes and Warheads unleashes an epic rock opera leaking with political commentary, crazy love, and chaotic youthful bliss.

I'm so proud of how true we stayed to the vision during this whole process. We set out to make a rock opera that tied in all of the above, and we did it. Remember that Great comes out May 21st, 2013. Love you all - Nelson X]