25 May 2013

Where Do We Go From Here?

After releasing an album, that can be a tricky question. Here's what we're doing:

Supporting "Great" to the End

We have a string of events/shows we're going to be attending to support Great this summer:

June 1st, 2013 - MW @ Fairport Canal Days
June 14th, 2013 - MW @ Perinton Community Amphitheater
June 21st, 2013 - MW @ IPR Show
July 2013 - MW @ TBA Festival
July 2013 - MW @ Summer Splash Bash 2013

Documentary No More

Remember way back when we said we were working on a documentary? Well we got all the footage, but we aren't going to do it. Instead,  we thought it would be best if we just used the footage for a Great to the End music video.  It would take a lot of time and effort to make it, and that's time we don't have. It just wouldn't make sense right now, and we feel it's the best decision. So look forward to a stylized take on Great to the End. In addition to that, we're toying around with the idea of doing another video for another song.

Stage II

So now that "Great" to the End is done, it's time to go back to the drawing board. Being an experimental band, it makes sense for us to try something new. We struck a tone with certain songs on Great that we want to capture again. Look forward to another release this summer. It's going to be stage II of Mistletoes and Warheads.